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The 10 Best Langkawi Tours

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We have more then 6years experience on handling guest at beautiful Langkawi Island from arrival till departure either group or FIT. With standard price all below package,
* Langkawi Airport Transfer (returned)
* Langkawi Island Tour
* Mangrove Tour
* Langkawi Island Hoping
* Malaysia National Marine Park Scuba Diving and snorkeling
* Langkawi Sunset Cruise
* Jet Ski and Parasailing at Langkawi
* ATV Motor Jungle Tour at Langkawi
* Tour by Horse Riding, Langkawi
* and Deep Sea fishing trip, Langkawi
* Ticket Ferry, Flight and Bus
* Coach, Car and Motobike rental, Langkawi
* Organiser, Events planner and etc

Friday, 25 November 2016


Bat Cave
Visit the Bats Caves where you will have the chance to experience one of the freakiest experiences of your life. The experience of watching the bats around and close to you, the wind of flying bats, the sound of nervous laugher, bats squeaking and much all make the more intense sense experience you will ever have.

Eagle Feeding
During a tour of the mangrove forest, your tour may enter a small cove set aside for eagle feeding. The feeding starts with the boat circling the cove while revving its engine. This apparently translates to a dinner bell for the eagles, who associate boat engines with fishermen, who often discard small fish caught in their nets, which the eagles easily catch. Once the eagles start circling, our guide began tossing chicken entrails on to the water. After the boat had moved off a little, the circling eagles began swooping down across the water to grab up the food. At one point, it appeared that there were at least 20 eagles circling and feeding. Eventually, some larger sea eagles moved in on the action and joined the competition for what was left. The eagles continued feeding until all the chicken pieces were gone from the surface of the cove. As we left the cove, we could see some eagles perched in the mangrove trees and got a couple of good pictures of them

Crocodile Cave
The Crocodile Cave is a unique cave through which the Kilim River actually flows. It is accessible by a small boat during low tide. Though named after its early inhabitants, the cave is not influenced by crocodiles anymore. You can check out the brilliant limestone formations and colonies of bats here.

Fish Farm
At this place you can watch a fish show like grouper, snapper, sea bass, stingray, coral fish, anchor fish and many other Asian’s fish, crab and all seafood. You also can have a meal here because here also have a fish farm restaurant. It will be nice to have a meal here because all seafood is fresh and the price of meal is acceptable.

River Safari Cruise
Yes, while on the trip, you will discover all the river life, monkey, crab, monitor lizard, and other animal live here. For your information, in this river there is no wave like the sea. So, for those who scare with the wave, you will be comfortable here.

Fish Feeding
You will go to the place name Dangli Island to make this fun activity. Enjoying feed the nature fish with your own hand and have an unforgettable experience.